Wayback Machine: 07/18/02 UPDATE!

It’s been a long time since I update my website, so I figured it was about time to do it.

News about me: Well, the cat’s out of the bag. Lots of things have been revealed about me the past few months. After about 7 years*, I’m finally “out of the closet” and have told most of my friends. For those who didn’t know before, guess they will know now.

Also I HAVE LOST OVER 148 POUNDS! As of today, I weight myself and I weighed in at 202 pounds! I am so excited! I’m in the process of writing about why and how I decided to make a change, you’ll see the story soon. You can see before and after’s on my pics page. On the right is one of me I took yesterday. (You can see I’m back to being a redhead again too)

In other news: I just got cast in “Lucky Dollar, Private Eye – The Musical” as Paul, a fast talking talent agent. The musical plays at the Bow Lake Grange in Strafford September 6 – 8, 2002.

I was just recently in “Once Upon A Mattress” at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham. I was a chorus member knight known as Sir Luce (pic at right). See the full cast pic on the pics page.

[Editor’s Note: Some pictures were not available in archive.org’s Wayback Machine; I also didn’t correct the spelling /grammar. *For reference regarding being ‘in the closet’ for ‘7 years’, I knew I was gay since I was 13, but didn’t first come out until I was 19 (Though I was ~23 at the time of this post?)]

Wayback Machine: NEW! 4/01/02

It’s been a long time since I update my website! It will need an overhaul soon.

News about me: I finally got a new computer, and I had to make sure my camera still worked with it, so here are my new pics.

Rozi v2002:

[ 🦁 Pics Sadly Not Archived 😾 ]

What else is new? Nothing at all. I’m still single and still working at Sheds USA. Plain ol’ boring life. Well, that’s it for now.

Wayback Machine: Rozi working @ Sheds USA

Well, I am now working at Sheds USA. Sheds does have their own homepage, but there is nothing on it at this time. Since I am working there, and I always like to take pride in my work, I decided to take a couple of pictures to share with you the high quality of work that goes into each Sheds USA product. And Sheds USA does not only build Sheds! They have Swingsets, Gazebos, and Screenhouses. Since I only got my digital camera the other day I only took a couple of pictures of the items we sell though Home Depot. You can also visit the offical Sheds USA page here by clicking on the Official Sheds USA Page.

The picture you see on the left is the Pine Bostonian taken from the Home Depot in Portsmouth, NH. There are many styles available as well as your choice of Pine or Cedar.

The picture on the right is a Cedar Gazebo. The Gazebo comes in many sizes to fit your need. To find out more about any Sheds USA product visit your local Home Depot, Mill Store, PC, Costco, Grainte Creek, or Curri Artcraft. And if you still have questions call Sheds USA Customer Service Department toll free at 800-441-8489.

[Editor’s Note: Spelling mistakes were in the original, they have not been changed]

Wayback Machine: My First Post


Well, you found it, my 2nd home on the ‘net. I really wanted the domain just so I could get a steady email address (Amrozi@Amrozi.net) and stop having to change it every time I turn around (Amrozi@bigfoot.com, Amrozi@eudoramail.com, Amrozi@excite.com, Amrozi@hotmail.com the list goes on and on). But I figured since I had the space, I might as well go ahead and make a website too. So, here it is.

[Editor’s Note: Amrozi.net was registered on April 26, 2001 at 12:45PM Eastern Time; Since the time of obtaining “a steady email address”, I’ve gained many more proprietary email addresses, from data gulping companies like Amrozi@gmail.com to privacy focused companies like Amrozi@tutanota.com]