Import Complete

My website has gone untouched for two years, and now I’ve made two updates within two weeks! Using’s WayBack Machine, I was able to add prior content! You can now conveniently see how often I never update this site. =) As a throwback to the websites of the ’90s and early oughts, I have […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Editor’s Note: Now Virus Free! 🤞 – Amrozi 17-October-2017 Please, stop spamming me about albendazole! I do not have a parasitic worm infestation. [Editor’s Note: I guess I could have deleted this “first post”, like WordPress suggested, but instead I […]

Wayback Machine: Hey hey hey! The 2007 Website Redesign

Welcome to my website. I originally purchased this domain in 2001 just so I could get a steady email address (amrozi at amrozi dot net) and eliminate all those “free” accounts (,,,, the list goes on an on). I did eventually eliminate all of those accounts, but in 2004 I discovered gMail. […]

Wayback Machine: Welcome

You’ve found Amrozi’s temporary home on the net. At least this is landlord free. I’m not quite sure what happened to my normal home page. I looked the other day and it was gone. I haven’t had time to find a new place to host it, so here I am taking advantage of Register’s WebSiteNOW […]

Wayback Machine: HERE IT IS! UPDATE 07/23/2003!

What a year it’s been! I haven’t updated my site since November 2002 and so much has happened since then. I guess I’m no longer a major terrorist threat, I’ve stopped receiving hate mail! There haven’t been too many weird signatures in my guestbook. I like the latest one from ‘george’. Very amusing 🙂 I’ve […]

Wayback Machine: pictures.html

Here you can find all the pics of me taken throughout the last year or so. And other misc pics. Rozi 07-04-03 thru 07-17-03 (Blond/Brown/Pink Leopard 180 POUNDS!) Rozi 10-18-02 thru 10-20-02 (Blond/Brown 180 POUNDS!) Rozi (various dates between 7/19/02 and 10/18/02) (some sort of weird hair thing and somewhere between 180 and 202 pounds) […]

Wayback Machine: ACK! GASP! UPDATE 11/11/02!

Hold up! 1st things first, I AM NOT A TERRORIST! Amrozi is a name that I completely MADE UP back in 1994. Amrozi is taken from 2 different names from “The Lion King” mucks. (All I really remember is the first part was from AMani and I think the second part is from ROZIlina) I […]

Wayback Machine: Halloween 2002

These are all the pictures from Halloween 2002 taken at Sheds USA. Getting Ready for a Night Out After Work! [Editor’s Note: Sadly out of 32 pictures, these were the only pics cached on the Wayback Machine; And, yes, I won the costume contest!]

Wayback Machine: 10/20/02 UPDATE!

Yet again, It’s been a long time since I update my website, so I figured it was about time to do it. News about me: I HAVE LOST OVER 170 POUNDS! I am finally at my goal weight of 180 pounds! You can see the latest picture of Simba and I on the right. You […]