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My online nickname has been Amrozi since around 1994. This name came about from The Online Lion King MUCK where I took part of my “parents” names (Amani and Rozilina) and combined them. Some online friends just call me Rozi.

I’m not a terrorist. I’m not from Indonesia. I’m a gay male from the United States of America! (Though some people do consider us terrorists!)

The reason I purchased this domain back in April of 2001 was primarily for my customized email address, Amrozi@amrozi.net, instead of having a proprietary email address from a company that could go out of business at any time.

But of course Google came along, and Amrozi@gmail.com ended up becoming yet another private company’s address to add to the likes of other popular email hosts of the early 2000s. Out of Amrozi@bigfoot.com, Amrozi@eudoramail.com, Amrozi@excite.com, Amrozi@hotmail.com, etc, Google’s address is the only other active email I still use. Plus, I do use Google’s gMail to host my domain’s email as well. [Who am I kidding? After Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) went into effect, I signed up for yet another email address, this time from a privacy focused company in Germany… so Amrozi@tutanota.com is also a thing]

I never intended to have a website, and history shows that. You can check out my progress (and lack thereof) on the Archive.org Wayback Machine. [ED: A lot of the old information from archive.org has since been incorporated into the current incarnation of the site.]

My Original Logo
My Original Logo!

The 01 July 2001 snapshot is just an endless redirect for some reason, so here’s the first working snapshot from 23 July 2001: https://web.archive.org/web/20010723230642/http://amrozi.net/

The “Featured Image”, located in the page header, was the very first Avatar I used on the web and it appeared on my original website. It was from a site I used to play Spades on, called MPlayer, not to be confused with Microsoft’s video player.

Thanks for visiting, and I’ll see you around. (Sorry, I stole that from @ZacksJerryRig)

Found this logo from a 2002 snapshot; Don’t really remember making this truth.

Domain Revision History

  • 2001, April 26 12:45PM Eastern Time – Registered Amrozi.net at Register.com just so I could have a personal email address, Amrozi@amrozi.net, which was included in the price of the registration. Paying for webspace and making an up-to-date website was never part of the plan, therefore decided to use the local ISP’s included webspace and Register.com’s masking to masquerade http://home.s-way.com/~shocker/amrozinet/ as www.amrozi.net. The site launched with top and side i-frames, included information about How to Play Spades, Links, and a guestbook provided by BeSeen.com.
  • 2001, December 06 – Added a page about where I worked and some pics.
  • 2002, April 1 – Added JavaScript! The new graphics would show the current local date.
  • 2002, July 18 – Redesigned the site and dropped the left i-frame, just keeping the header frame which displayed all links, and the snazzy new Amrozi@amrozi.net graphic.
  • 2002, October 20 – No longer having access to local ISP webspace, I was forced to purchase space elsewhere. Bryce suggested Dixiesys.com which included a whopping 40mb of storage for $20 a year. Since I never wanted to pay for or host a website in the first place, and the fact that I’m cheap, I only paid for one year, but got service for almost 2 years!
  • 2002, November 11 – BeSeen disappears with my guestbook and I sign up with CGISPY to take over the guestbooking duties. Oh, I also declare that I’m not a terrorist!
  • 2003, July 23 – Finally added a backdated Halloween 2002 pictures page and other misc. information.
  • 2004, August – I act all surprised when Dixiesys cuts off my service. Having no alternative, and the fact that Register.com now included “3 FREE PAGES” in their domain registration, I use end up using this free service. The first page becomes a wall of text. The 2nd page has updated pictures. Surprisingly, I never used the 3rd free page, and left the default pictures.
  • 2007, April 4 – Transfer parking the domain on Register.com to parking it on GoDaddy. (xFer deal of the century, 10 years for $50!) All Register.com Webmail is lost, but it’s all spam anyway. GoDaddy Webmail is the way of the future!
  • 2007, July 14 – Google’s gMail for domains replaces the short lived GoDaddy Webmail.
  • 2007, December 17 – Launch .php website using DreamHost. Add music I sequenced under “South of France – Le Midi Music”. LiveJournal RSS feed is incorporated into the web design. I enjoy RSS so much, I add all my friends feeds into one Random RSS.php page! These RSS options always make the site feel fresh and alive 😉 Otherwise, the site remains static.
  • 2010, December 26 – LiveJournal is no longer a thing for me; Remove it’s RSS feed. (Facebook is a thing, but never becomes incorporated into the website.) I plan on focusing more on sequencing music, therefore I move “South of France – Le Midi Music” to it’s own domain; it never takes off. Besides friends RSS and links, all other information is removed.
  • 2011, November 28 – Added a short lived mtphoto subdomain; When I say “short lived”, I mean it was last updated December 8, 2011, then abandoned.
  • 2013 – According to a Wayback Machine snapshot, a DreamHost PHP upgrade blows up the site.
  • 2014, September 05 – Replaced website with Joomla. Despite creating Admin account, site goes unmodified and unupdated.
  • 2017, July 26 – A suspicious user, Zhano, registers account (although the DB only shows them as a registered user and not an admin or super user). The next day, core .php files have been modified.
  • 2017, August 1 – A randomfilename.php appears on the server; This nasty base64_decodes a string, saves it to a .zip file, then extracts it as a .php file. This file writes some pretty cool code to the index.php file in every subfolder in the /templates/ directory, so when it is crawled by a search engine, it will curl a remote domain with the name of the search engine used plus your domain name.
  • 2017, August 7 thru October 2 – Nine .php files appear, all containing random strings, with one file calling the eval() function. This seems to be the big setup for what happens on:
  • 2017, October 4 8:35 AM – A metricshite ton of .php files start to appear over the next few days; alas, I think, the site is finally totally infected.
  • 2017, October 17 – HELLO WORLD! A fresh new WordPress is installed. No more virus! And no content added.
  • 2019, July 26 – Finally, new content appears on WordPress: This ABOUT ME page.