Welcome to my website. I originally purchased this domain in 2001 just so I could get a steady email address (amrozi at amrozi dot net) and eliminate all those “free” accounts (bigfoot.com, eudroamail.com, exicte.com, hotmail.com, the list goes on an on). I did eventually eliminate all of those accounts, but in 2004 I discovered gMail. I have basically stopped using the amrozi.net email because it is 101% spam*, but I didn’t really want to release this domain.

I finally decided it was time to update the content on here, since the last update was in 2005**. All the pages have been updated to .php to make it easier for me to update (that doesn’t mean that I will, just makes it easier***).

So far I have a snazzy new Links**** page, and have incorporated my LiveJournal**** into my website, some random blogs from some random friends, and a taste of music sequenced by South of France.

I may eventually install my own blog here, but I hardly update it anyways, in between work, getting my degree, and all the side projects that I’m working on, but really, yeah, more content… sometime…

[Editor’s Note: *I’ve since returned to using Amrozi@amrozi.net, since Google hosts my domain email, and the spam filter is pretty amazeballs, as the kids say now adays. **The Wayback Machine didn’t contain any updated snapshots from 2004 until 2008. Luckily I added a “Last Updated” tag so I could tell what date the snapshot was referencing! ***I was correct, I didn’t update things for years. ****The Links link, and the LiveJournal link, link to snapshots in the Wayback Machine. These links will not be incorporated into this current WordPress incarnation.]

– Amrozi 27-July-2019

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