You’ve found Amrozi’s temporary home on the net. At least this is landlord free.

I’m not quite sure what happened to my normal home page. I looked the other day and it was gone. I haven’t had time to find a new place to host it, so here I am taking advantage of Register’s WebSiteNOW function. Hey at least it’s a place holder till I can get my webpage back up and running.

For all who want an update, life is going good. I’m at a steady weight now, which is good for me. 180lbs was a bit to tiny for me, so I’m comfortably staying around 210lbs. It sounds ‘fatter’ than what I want to be but I guess I ‘carry it well’, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

I’m currently renting a place in Strafford, New Hampshire. I really miss the Seacoast and having roommates. I thought I’d like living alone, but I don’t. But I guess with my landlord popping in all the time, I’m not truely alone anyways, so it’s kinda like having a roommate, ya never know at what moment he’s just gonna walk in on ya. Makes for some great party conversation.

I am still single, no boyfriend in my life. I’ve been dating someone on and off, but still haven’t found ‘the one’. I don’t think He exists up in New England. Maybe it’s time to head south.

I NO LONGER WORK AT SHEDS USA!! *YIPPIE* January 16, 2004 was my last day working at Sheds USA. I do miss all the people that I work with, but I do not miss the bull crap by the incompetent managers who are just friends of the owner anyways. I worked there 3 years helping them and I got shit on. Oh well, I have a much better job working in Dover, New Hampshire. The people here are much more friendly and it’s in a great location. Downtown Dover is pretty cool. Beats having to drive over the dreaded bridge everyday. (If you’re on the seacoast and have to travel from Dover to Portsmouth, you know what bridge – UG – I still don’t know why people can’t drive over it, it’s just a bridge. But nooooo for some reason people get all scared and start driving about 10 miles an hour over the bridge because ‘it might be slippery’ or ‘there might be an accident’. Well damn it, if ya didn’t drive so slow over the bridge ya wouldn’t cause a damned accident – but I digress)

As for upcoming plays, I’m in Nunsense July 16-18 2004 and Once Upon A Mattress Aug 13-21 2004. Both shows will be at the Bow Lake Grange in Strafford, New Hampshire.

June 29, 2004 – Current comfortable weight 210lbs and holding.

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