What a year it’s been! I haven’t updated my site since November 2002 and so much has happened since then. I guess I’m no longer a major terrorist threat, I’ve stopped receiving hate mail! There haven’t been too many weird signatures in my guestbook. I like the latest one from ‘george’. Very amusing 🙂

I’ve been in two plays with the Lake Side Players. We did a Christmas Show (The Plight Before Christmas) and I was also in Girls of the Garden Club, where I played an 88 year old woman. That show was such a blast and we had such an awesome cast. Thanks to everyone who was able to see it 🙂

But the exciting news is: I am currently rehearsing for GREASE Yes, that’s right GREASE with the Portland Players. The show opens September 19 and runs 4 weekends! For tickets call 207-799-7337. The Portland Players are located on 420 Cottage Rd in South Portland, Maine.

Other news about me: I am still at my goal weight of 180lbs and I am so enjoying life! Ok, so I’ve got a funky hair style right now, but it will grow out and be one color by the time Grease gets here. You can see my hair better on Rozi’s Pictures Page. My hair is currently in the style of Benji from Good Charlotte. As you can see on my pictures page, I’ve already had 3 hair colors (actually if you count my current style as 2, then I’ve had 4), and the month isn’t even over yet.

As for me being me, I again want to thank everyone for their support. I’m so lucky to have great friends who like me for me being me and not judging me for being gay. I am also lucky to have a great family for at least sticking in there for me. I still get asked why I choose to be gay, but it’s not a choice. It’s part of me, of who I am.

FINALLY: Okay, so Halloween was 9 months ago, but I have Sheds USA Halloween Pictures!!! It was blast at work on Halloween! I won most creative and got a $25 gift certificate to Hoyts.

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