Here you can find all the pics of me taken throughout the last year or so. And other misc pics.

Rozi 07-04-03 thru 07-17-03 (Blond/Brown/Pink Leopard 180 POUNDS!)

Rozi 10-18-02 thru 10-20-02 (Blond/Brown 180 POUNDS!)

Rozi (various dates between 7/19/02 and 10/18/02) (some sort of weird hair thing and somewhere between 180 and 202 pounds)

Rozi 07-18-02 (Strawberry Blond 202lbs)

Rozi 07-01-02 (Blond approx 210lbs)

Rozi 04-02-02 (Blond approx 250lbs, still ashamed of whole body shot)

Rozi 12-07-01 (Blondish/Orange approx 300lbs, make over celebration for losing 50lbs)

Rozi Pre-September 2001 (Facial hair?! and over 350lbs)

This could have been the cover for the RiverTown [Entity] song “I Need An Ugly Woman”

Once Upon A Mattress Cast – June 2002

Rozi on a normal day…. 1994?

[Editor’s Note: Sadly not all pictures were available in the Wayback Machine]

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