Yet again, It’s been a long time since I update my website, so I figured it was about time to do it.

News about me: I HAVE LOST OVER 170 POUNDS! I am finally at my goal weight of 180 pounds! You can see the latest picture of Simba and I on the right. You can see more pictures of me on Rozi’s Pictures Page. (Oh, I don’t think I ever mentioned that I recently got glasses, you’ll now see them in my new pictures:)

As I mentioned a few months ago, I have _finally_ told all my friends that I am gay. Everyone has been so supportive, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone 🙂 I LOVE YOU ALL.

In other news: “Lucky Dollar, Private Eye – The Musical” at the Bow Lake Grange in Strafford was a huge success! I had a lot of fun with everyone and will hopefully have pictures soon!

Currently I am directing “The Plight Before Christmas”. This is my first time directing, (I also think at this point I am going to have to be in it since we do not have enough men), so be easy on me when you come to see it 🙂

The Plight Before Christmas will be at the Bow Lake Grange in Strafford December 6 – 8. We are also doing “Christmas Tea” and going to be having a Holiday Sing along. It is going to be great fun.

[Editor’s Note: 🦁 Pics Sadly Not Archived 😾]

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