Wayback Machine: My First Post


Well, you found it, my 2nd home on the ‘net. I really wanted the domain just so I could get a steady email address (Amrozi@Amrozi.net) and stop having to change it every time I turn around (Amrozi@bigfoot.com, Amrozi@eudoramail.com, Amrozi@excite.com, Amrozi@hotmail.com the list goes on and on). But I figured since I had the space, I might as well go ahead and make a website too. So, here it is.

[Editor’s Note: Amrozi.net was registered on April 26, 2001 at 12:45PM Eastern Time; Since the time of obtaining “a steady email address”, I’ve gained many more proprietary email addresses, from data gulping companies like Amrozi@gmail.com to privacy focused companies like Amrozi@tutanota.com]

Import Complete

My website has gone untouched for two years, and now I’ve made two updates within two weeks!

Using archive.org’s WayBack Machine, I was able to add prior content! You can now conveniently see how often I never update this site. =)

As a throwback to the websites of the ’90s and early oughts, I have added a Guestbook! You can see all the love (and hate (and spam)) that I’ve received over the years plus you can add your own [s]spam[/s] signature!

Dropcaps are annoying, and I love it! Every paragraph will now start with a drop cap!! Enjoy.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Editor’s Note: Now Virus Free! 🤞

– Amrozi 17-October-2017

Please, stop spamming me about albendazole! I do not have a parasitic worm infestation.

[Editor’s Note: I guess I could have deleted this “first post”, like WordPress suggested, but instead I edited the post because of all the ALBENDAZOLE comments that were caught in the spam box for the last two years]

– Amrozi 15-June-2019

Wayback Machine: Hey hey hey! The 2007 Website Redesign

Welcome to my website. I originally purchased this domain in 2001 just so I could get a steady email address (amrozi at amrozi dot net) and eliminate all those “free” accounts (bigfoot.com, eudroamail.com, exicte.com, hotmail.com, the list goes on an on). I did eventually eliminate all of those accounts, but in 2004 I discovered gMail. I have basically stopped using the amrozi.net email because it is 101% spam*, but I didn’t really want to release this domain.

I finally decided it was time to update the content on here, since the last update was in 2005**. All the pages have been updated to .php to make it easier for me to update (that doesn’t mean that I will, just makes it easier***).

So far I have a snazzy new Links**** page, and have incorporated my LiveJournal**** into my website, some random blogs from some random friends, and a taste of music sequenced by South of France.

I may eventually install my own blog here, but I hardly update it anyways, in between work, getting my degree, and all the side projects that I’m working on, but really, yeah, more content… sometime…

[Editor’s Note: *I’ve since returned to using Amrozi@amrozi.net, since Google hosts my domain email, and the spam filter is pretty amazeballs, as the kids say now adays. **The Wayback Machine didn’t contain any updated snapshots from 2004 until 2008. Luckily I added a “Last Updated” tag so I could tell what date the snapshot was referencing! ***I was correct, I didn’t update things for years. ****The Links link, and the LiveJournal link, link to snapshots in the Wayback Machine. These links will not be incorporated into this current WordPress incarnation.]

– Amrozi 27-July-2019

Wayback Machine: Welcome

You’ve found Amrozi’s temporary home on the net. At least this is landlord free.

I’m not quite sure what happened to my normal home page. I looked the other day and it was gone. I haven’t had time to find a new place to host it, so here I am taking advantage of Register’s WebSiteNOW function. Hey at least it’s a place holder till I can get my webpage back up and running.

For all who want an update, life is going good. I’m at a steady weight now, which is good for me. 180lbs was a bit to tiny for me, so I’m comfortably staying around 210lbs. It sounds ‘fatter’ than what I want to be but I guess I ‘carry it well’, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

I’m currently renting a place in Strafford, New Hampshire. I really miss the Seacoast and having roommates. I thought I’d like living alone, but I don’t. But I guess with my landlord popping in all the time, I’m not truely alone anyways, so it’s kinda like having a roommate, ya never know at what moment he’s just gonna walk in on ya. Makes for some great party conversation.

I am still single, no boyfriend in my life. I’ve been dating someone on and off, but still haven’t found ‘the one’. I don’t think He exists up in New England. Maybe it’s time to head south.

I NO LONGER WORK AT SHEDS USA!! *YIPPIE* January 16, 2004 was my last day working at Sheds USA. I do miss all the people that I work with, but I do not miss the bull crap by the incompetent managers who are just friends of the owner anyways. I worked there 3 years helping them and I got shit on. Oh well, I have a much better job working in Dover, New Hampshire. The people here are much more friendly and it’s in a great location. Downtown Dover is pretty cool. Beats having to drive over the dreaded bridge everyday. (If you’re on the seacoast and have to travel from Dover to Portsmouth, you know what bridge – UG – I still don’t know why people can’t drive over it, it’s just a bridge. But nooooo for some reason people get all scared and start driving about 10 miles an hour over the bridge because ‘it might be slippery’ or ‘there might be an accident’. Well damn it, if ya didn’t drive so slow over the bridge ya wouldn’t cause a damned accident – but I digress)

As for upcoming plays, I’m in Nunsense July 16-18 2004 and Once Upon A Mattress Aug 13-21 2004. Both shows will be at the Bow Lake Grange in Strafford, New Hampshire.

June 29, 2004 – Current comfortable weight 210lbs and holding.

Wayback Machine: HERE IT IS! UPDATE 07/23/2003!

What a year it’s been! I haven’t updated my site since November 2002 and so much has happened since then. I guess I’m no longer a major terrorist threat, I’ve stopped receiving hate mail! There haven’t been too many weird signatures in my guestbook. I like the latest one from ‘george’. Very amusing 🙂

I’ve been in two plays with the Lake Side Players. We did a Christmas Show (The Plight Before Christmas) and I was also in Girls of the Garden Club, where I played an 88 year old woman. That show was such a blast and we had such an awesome cast. Thanks to everyone who was able to see it 🙂

But the exciting news is: I am currently rehearsing for GREASE Yes, that’s right GREASE with the Portland Players. The show opens September 19 and runs 4 weekends! For tickets call 207-799-7337. The Portland Players are located on 420 Cottage Rd in South Portland, Maine.

Other news about me: I am still at my goal weight of 180lbs and I am so enjoying life! Ok, so I’ve got a funky hair style right now, but it will grow out and be one color by the time Grease gets here. You can see my hair better on Rozi’s Pictures Page. My hair is currently in the style of Benji from Good Charlotte. As you can see on my pictures page, I’ve already had 3 hair colors (actually if you count my current style as 2, then I’ve had 4), and the month isn’t even over yet.

As for me being me, I again want to thank everyone for their support. I’m so lucky to have great friends who like me for me being me and not judging me for being gay. I am also lucky to have a great family for at least sticking in there for me. I still get asked why I choose to be gay, but it’s not a choice. It’s part of me, of who I am.

FINALLY: Okay, so Halloween was 9 months ago, but I have Sheds USA Halloween Pictures!!! It was blast at work on Halloween! I won most creative and got a $25 gift certificate to Hoyts.

Wayback Machine: pictures.html

Here you can find all the pics of me taken throughout the last year or so. And other misc pics.

Rozi 07-04-03 thru 07-17-03 (Blond/Brown/Pink Leopard 180 POUNDS!)

Rozi 10-18-02 thru 10-20-02 (Blond/Brown 180 POUNDS!)

Rozi (various dates between 7/19/02 and 10/18/02) (some sort of weird hair thing and somewhere between 180 and 202 pounds)

Rozi 07-18-02 (Strawberry Blond 202lbs)

Rozi 07-01-02 (Blond approx 210lbs)

Rozi 04-02-02 (Blond approx 250lbs, still ashamed of whole body shot)

Rozi 12-07-01 (Blondish/Orange approx 300lbs, make over celebration for losing 50lbs)

Rozi Pre-September 2001 (Facial hair?! and over 350lbs)

This could have been the cover for the RiverTown [Entity] song “I Need An Ugly Woman”

Once Upon A Mattress Cast – June 2002

Rozi on a normal day…. 1994?

[Editor’s Note: Sadly not all pictures were available in the Wayback Machine]

Wayback Machine: ACK! GASP! UPDATE 11/11/02!

Hold up! 1st things first, I AM NOT A TERRORIST! Amrozi is a name that I completely MADE UP back in 1994. Amrozi is taken from 2 different names from “The Lion King” mucks. (All I really remember is the first part was from AMani and I think the second part is from ROZIlina)

I am sorry that this name happens to be the same as some terrorist in the middle east. Please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. 🙂

[Editor’s Note: I was getting ‘flamed’ in my ‘guestbook’ (remember those?) because of an apparent terrorist by someone in Indonesia named Amrozi; On a(n) (un)related note, someone from Indonesia keeps trying to claim my Amrozi@gmail.com address to this very day …]

– Amrozi 27-July-2019

Wayback Machine: Halloween 2002

These are all the pictures from Halloween 2002 taken at Sheds USA.

Getting Ready for a Night Out After Work!

I was denied entry into clubs because I was “presenting as female” while my license was “clearly male”…It’s called DRAG and it was HALLOWEEN!

[Editor’s Note: Sadly out of 32 pictures, these were the only pics cached on the Wayback Machine; And, yes, I won the costume contest!]

Wayback Machine: 10/20/02 UPDATE!

Yet again, It’s been a long time since I update my website, so I figured it was about time to do it.

News about me: I HAVE LOST OVER 170 POUNDS! I am finally at my goal weight of 180 pounds! You can see the latest picture of Simba and I on the right. You can see more pictures of me on Rozi’s Pictures Page. (Oh, I don’t think I ever mentioned that I recently got glasses, you’ll now see them in my new pictures:)

As I mentioned a few months ago, I have _finally_ told all my friends that I am gay. Everyone has been so supportive, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone 🙂 I LOVE YOU ALL.

In other news: “Lucky Dollar, Private Eye – The Musical” at the Bow Lake Grange in Strafford was a huge success! I had a lot of fun with everyone and will hopefully have pictures soon!

Currently I am directing “The Plight Before Christmas”. This is my first time directing, (I also think at this point I am going to have to be in it since we do not have enough men), so be easy on me when you come to see it 🙂

The Plight Before Christmas will be at the Bow Lake Grange in Strafford December 6 – 8. We are also doing “Christmas Tea” and going to be having a Holiday Sing along. It is going to be great fun.

[Editor’s Note: 🦁 Pics Sadly Not Archived 😾]